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About This Project

The mission of the Hildegard Hymnal

  1. To be a hymnal that is distinctly Catholic containing primarily Catholic hymnody and chant, however, not entirely excluding works by protestant authors and composers if the works are determined to be of sound theology, high quality, and worthy of the holy sacrifice of the mass.

  2. To include sacred art within its pages in order to promote prayer and reflection.

  3. To be a permanent hymnal that is affordable but still able to fill every basic liturgical musical need.

  4. To promote traditional sacred music of both old and new compositions.

  5. To promote the use of the organ by only containing works that are organ-friendly.

  6. To promote the use of chant in both English and Latin.

  7. To promote lesser-known hymns and chants ("hidden gems") that are just as or more excellent than better-known works.

  8. To promote more works highlighting specific Saints.

  9. To promote works from more female composers, lyricists, translators and versifiers.

  10. To provide lyrics that are unabridged and as close as possible to the original text or English translation/poeticization.

  11. To provide selections in both English and Latin whenever possible, especially if the original was in Latin.

  12. To provide a significant resource for alternative hymn tunes that pair well with compatible hymn texts, not simply suggesting other hymn tunes that are of the same meter.

  13. To exclude works that are not stylistically sacred and universal enough to be plausible options for most Catholic English-speaking congregations.

  14. To attempt to bridge the gap between the Ordinary and Extraordinary forms by providing resources that encourage the Novus Ordo to (musically) become what it should have evolved into post-Vatican II. 

We are in no rush to "push this project through" and are not pressured by publishers, donors, sponsors, or other forms of purchasing authority. We, therefore, have no set completion date. Rome was not built in one day, so this hymnal won't either (heck, it's been 7 years already!). We will take our time in hopes of making this the best Catholic hymnal ever.

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